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Use Promo Code 'MOM' & Take 25% off this Mother's Day ONLY!!
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Hair & Body Bundle



Enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation and let your senses take a much needed break with our Mint Moisture Massage Body Oil, and bask in the ambience created with our Breathe candle. With subtle notes of mint and lavender dancing around your senses. Then prepare your hair with our Clarifying Shampoo formulated to lift dirt, and will leave the canvas of your hair ready for the Deep Conditioner’s intense moisture and nourishing oil treatment, and secure any style with our Mint Moisture Hair Butter. Then feed your scalp with our Healthy Hair Oil which will  leave your hair moisturized and nourished using nothing but the world’s finest ingredients to seal and protect your hair.

Included in the Hair & Body Bundle:

Hair Care

  1. Healthy Hair Oil
  2. Mint Moisture Deep Conditioner
  3. Mint Moisture Clariyfying Shampoo
  4. Mint Moisture Hair Butter
  5. Coco-Al-Mint Nourishing Oil

Body Care

  1. Mint Moisture Body Oil
  2. Breathe Candle




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